laser marking

With our Kolltronic ® laser system marking is possible on almost all metals and plastics (fiber laser), as well as organic materials ( CO2 laser).

In this process the upper cover layer of the material is removed and a recess, the engraving, occurs.

The engraving is smear and water resistant.


On metals, a color change can be achieved by heating the material. The oxidation process takes place on the surface so that the material surface remains flat and is not removed. Depending on the temperature and material, this oxide layer can not only precipitate black but also colored.

color/material removal

On lacquered or coated materials, laser marking can be achieved by means of targeted color or material removal, in which the color of the underlying material becomes visible.

This is used, for example, in the automotive industry to manufacture rear-illuminated operating elements.

color change

Carbon oxidizes when plastics are heated, resulting in a foam layer. Depending on the color of the plastic, this color is either light or dark.

This application is only possible with plastics.