Fully Automatic Machines

The fully automatic laser system enables unmanned laser marking with flexible texts, data, logos and codes on different product types in bulk.


The system is Industry 4.0 compatible - it can receive orders over the Internet from locations around the world. Several users can send sign production orders to the laser machine simultaneously from their workplace in-house or via Internet.


The laser sign labeling machine picks the right sign from the magazine, produces the signs in the order in which the order is received, collects each order in its own container and then informs the client of the completion - fully automatically.

Modular design = flexible equipment

  • Magazine for storing the various unlabelled workpieces
  • Transport system for feeding, positioning and discharging
  • Sorting system for finished parts
  • Laser marking machine
  • Control Unite
  • Programming Industry 4.0
  • Validation system for 2D and 3D codes, e.g. Barcode and data matrix code
  • NOK Ejection
  • AI Component Self-Learning Artificial Intelligence to Improve and Adhere the Quality

In addition to our standard laser system, we offer special solutions. From simple accessories, such as a rotation axis for machining cylindrical workpieces, to fully automatic laser systems, we design your tailor-made laser system, tailored to your requirements and needs.


We also offer customer-specific solutions for software. An individual user interface, for example for reading in existing files, can be implemented as well as special programming.

Made in Germany

SK LASER works under Covid-19 Corona safety regulations and fully respects and supports all circumstances to win the battle against this virus.

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