laboratory samples labeling system

The clear traceability of samples is essential in medical technology, not only in Corona times. The sample tubes are usually labeled by hand or with stickers. SK LASER has developed several laser systems for process-reliable and fast labeling. The laboratory samples are automatically marked with laser technology. Each sample thus has a unique number code that can always be used to uniquely identify the sample. This reduces the time and ensures permanent, reliable traceability.

Different code types (e.g. Data Matrix or QR code) as well as alphanumeric codes can be lasered. Each test tube can be individually labeled. The codes are validated by image recognition during the laser process. The data can be imported from various databases. The camera system for image recognition can be selected as an option.


Fully automatic laboratory sample marking laser

Up to 5000 sample tubes from medical technology e.g. for Corona Virus laboratory samples can be individually identified per batch in a very confined space - fully automatically.

Laboratory samples labeling laser

Series of laboratory sample tubes can be labeled with codes from the bottom in one go. In this way, open test tubes can be identified when filling.

Made in Germany

SK LASER works under Covid-19 Corona safety regulations and fully respects and supports all circumstances to win the battle against this virus.

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