Standard Machine

We offer the Kolltronic® standard machine as a complete solution in laser class 1 for safe and precise laser processing. The housing, the workstation, enables a comfortable sitting or standing workplace. The laser machine is characterized by high flexibility, quick set-up and intuitive operability.


All basic systems can be integrated into the standard machine, so that the standard machine can be used for almost all materials.


Depending on your requirements, the standard machine can be expanded and equipped very flexibly. From a larger version, to rotary axes, camera systems, to a fully automatic laser machine, a multitude of possibilities can be implemented. You can find examples of this under Laser Products.

The Workstation 1 is our basic model on which everything is based. It can be expanded and equipped very flexible. We supply the machine according to our customers requirements, so you have a variaty of variants.

Larger versions in XL and XXL, tunnels for long parts, semi-automatic laser systems with drawer or turntable, also the possibility of crane loading for products weighing 200 kg, axis traversing systems and camera systems can be installed in the laser machine according to customer requirements. Everything is available up to the fully automatic laser machine.

The workstation can be supplied with different laser types and different laser powers.