Standard Machine




We offer the Kolltronic® standard machine as a complete solution in laser class 1 for safe and precise laser processing. The housing, the workstation, enables a comfortable sitting or standing workplace. The laser machine is characterized by high flexibility, quick set-up and intuitive operability.


All basic systems can be integrated into the standard machine, so that the standard machine can be used for almost all materials.


Depending on your requirements, the standard machine can be expanded and equipped very flexibly. From a larger version, to rotary axes, camera systems, to a fully automatic laser machine, a multitude of possibilities can be implemented. You can find examples of this under Laser Products.






Precise laser engravings
With the Kolltronic® standard machine, you can process a wide variety of materials permanently, effectively and economically. Our large selection of scanning heads enables precise laser engraving at industrial level. The fine laser beam processes the desired engraving with high speed and accuracy.

Various add-ons such as camera systems, axis units or handling systems enable high precision during processing, whether with or without operating personnel.

Simple operation
The intuitively operated software offers a wide range of possibilities. Without programming knowledge, numbers, texts, codes, rectangles and polygons can be generated with just one click. The software automatically counts up variable data such as date, time and serial or article numbers after setting. It is also possible to read out text files and import logos or images in various formats. The matrix function allows the labelling of several parts in only one sequence.

Quick setup

With our magnetic worktop, you don't waste time when setting up your workpieces. With our prisms, which can be inserted into the work plate, you can quickly and easily build a stop to ensure that your parts are always positioned the same for laser engraving. Thanks to the magnetic work plate, you can easily fix them in place with a magnet. Once the workpiece is fixed, the focus can be adjusted by moving the Z axis. With the help of the focus pointer, the optimum setting can be found quickly.

Made in Germany

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